The widespread availability of smart-phones, games consoles, computers and Internet sites has put technology and the usage of it firmly in the hands of the children and young people of today and by all accounts the future. Many rely on technology not just to keep in touch, but as a way of developing their identities, socialising, and belonging to groups. Technology can play a positive, productive and creative part of young people's activities, development and social participation.

Through workshop and career shows, our interactions with children and young people have shown they have a high interest in the areas of graphic design and animation. With all of this enthusiasm though, we have found there is a need for them to understand the process of product development and to be aware of the wider spectrum of careers within the field of design.

Based on our finding, we have developed Pixteen. This is a design lead campaign, which is aimed primarily at young people (ages 15 - 19), it seeks to develop the necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes that will assist them in effectively participating in the process of decision-making, planning/implementation and evaluation of design activities and to a larger extent thier careers.


Pixels understands that a students needs are many and fit into different categories. The Pixels Sponsorship Programme (PSP) is a no-strings-attached award that assist creative young people by providing them with the opportunity to realise their potential as designers through the full participation of one its Level I Graphic Design program. In addition to learning design techniques, PSP supports its students by assisting with life skills and career guidance.

PSP aims to provide students with an environment where they can express their creative flare and gain the fundamental knowledge, skills and attitudes which are needed to make an inform decision of their career path.

PSP Overview:
  • 15 - 19 year old
  • One (1) candidate per cycle
  • Duration of cycle, one (1) year
  • Awarded: Foundation in Graphic Design
Application Overview:
Applicants should use their creativity to produce a written document which explains why they would like to partake in the program. Your application should include at least three paragraphs describing:
  • Your design inspiration/s
  • How do you see the course benefiting you
  • A portfolio of creative work

PSP Partners
If you are an existing partner, we thank you sincerely for your support. If you are not, we invite you to consider joining in partnership with PSP to make a difference, striving towards a bright and prosperous future for our young leaders and the future of the country.


Our workshop introduces students to basic design theroies and assist them in creating simple artwork using creative software techniques. The one day session also focuses on what is design and why 'good design' works.

Other topics of interest will include:
  • Principles and Elements of Design
  • Typography
  • Digital Illustration
  • Color theory
Workshops details:
  • Day: To be arranged with school
  • No of students: Ten (10)
  • Times: To be arranged with school
  • Venue: Corner Goya Street & Eastern Main Road El Dorado


To proceed with your application please click here to fill out the online form. If you would like further information please contact us on 222 9779 Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am - 4.30pm.