To become a regional leader in tropical climate change research and provider of adaptation and mitigation solutions.
To provide high-resolution, national level climate change scenarios and impact assessment through multidisciplinary research and application.
To work with you to create a Clean, Green and Serene future for generations to come.

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About Us
Who we are
The Climate Change Institute of Trinidad and Tobago (CCITT) was established in 2020 in response to the growing need for climate change to be mainstreamed and placed at the forefront of the National Agenda, in alignment with Sustainable Development and Disaster Risk Reduction. Based in Trinidad, a Small Island Developing State (SIDS) and recognising the unique threat posed to the nation and many other SIDS, this institution aims to be a leader in regional climate research and consultancy, helping Governments, organisations and individuals understand and adapt to the impacts of climate change and build climate resilience.
We help you to achieve success through personalised consulting on all aspects of climate change. CCITT offers Consultancy and Training services with a focus on Climate and Hydrological Modelling, Vulnerability and Impact Assessments. We are a team of climate and environmental specialists who share our experience and knowledge to help you prepare for and find solutions to climate change issues. Our consulting record proves that clear communication and expert collaboration makes a successful combination.
Benefit #1
Consulting is more than giving advice. We see our interaction with each client as a collaborative partnership.
Benefit #2
Innovation and Efficiency
We are constantly upgrading our skills to bring you more advanced technologies and innovative solutions.
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Value for money
Working alongside a competent and experienced team, each project is specifically tailored to suit you.
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